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21st Dec 2016



Xero allows you to send branded invoices – you can add your logo to supplied invoice templates, or you can custom design your own. 

You are also able to accept payments online with a debit or credit card, or with PayPal – directly from the invoice.  This keeps cash flowing – an important part of any business.

Xero has an automated debt chasing system.  You can set invoice payment reminders – setting up your own letters, including 7 days overdue, 21 days overdue and possibly a legal threat letter.  These are all sent out automatically, as soon as they become overdue.  This means, you must keep on top of your accounts, so that you don’t send out these letters when they shouldn’t have been set.  However, you can leave this option un-ticked (in Settings/Invoice Reminders) -  which means, that no letters at all will be sent out, even if they are overdue.  You can then choose individual customers, where you can tick this option, to say, send out these letters.  So you are able to customise this facility, to suit your needs.

You are also able to set up recurring invoicing.  If you have invoices, that are say for rent, the same amount every month (or a different amount), you can set these up as recurring, so that once you set the date parameters, these invoices will be created automatically in the system – a wonderful time saving facility.

You can also create invoices on the go, using your mobile or tablet – as you finish the job, you can raise the invoice to your client and email it!  One can’t get more efficient than that! 

You can replicate invoices – using the previous invoice for any customer, and duplicating it and changing the relevant details.

Invoicing in Xero, is fast and efficient with a lot of time saving functionality!


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