Lesley Parker

How do I know I can help your company get the best out of Sage software? Because I started off just where you are now. I know how frustrating it can be knowing what you want to do – but not being able to make the system work for you.

After a career in book-keeping & finance, I moved back to Canterbury in 2005 to open my own jewellery shop. I was sold on what Sage promised to do for my business but, even with a background in financial management and bookkeeping, there were tasks that eluded me. I knew if I could get Sage set up right for my business then I would save a lot of time managing and analysing data, and that I would save money too.

I got there in the end. But I would have got there sooner if I had been able to talk to someone who knew about running a business, not just about working Sage 50. Hence my new venture, Digit Kent, offering expert training to help you get the best from Sage software.

You can download and read about my experiences in my e-book '10 Lessons I Learned the Hard Way'.

I’ve done all the training and achieved my accreditation from Sage. But most importantly I know how businesses work and can help you select and apply the elements of Sage that you need to solve your business problems.

I’m passionate about the excellent products that Sage offers, but I’m even more passionate about making them work for YOUR business.


XERO - the latest brilliant cloud based accounting software programme.  I am now accredited with Xero and a Bronze Business Partner.  I have many clients who use this software programme - it's perfect for the smaller business, as it can be accessed from any computer, anywhere!  

The biggest benefit of using a Cloud-based accounting system and it can be accessed from any computer, anywhere.

With Xero, it is not necessary for your bookkeeper or accountant to use up space in your office, supplier invoices can be emailed to your xero account, so that you can just log on to enter the data, keeping copies of the supplier invoices on the transaction, for future reference.

Another added benefit of Xero, is that if there are updates, you get them, everyone gets them.

Bank Rules – these are amazing and very versatile.  Once set up, they cut down on the amount of manual data capture work that’s needed in other software programmes.  This is a brilliant tool and if maintained and used correctly, can save a lot of time.

Automatic bank feeds, another tool to help with automating your accounting and this coupled with the bank rules, is a perfect match.

Xero allows you to create, send, and automate customised, professional looking sales invoices. With online invoicing, you can email your customers a link to a live invoice.  It’s fast, efficient and simple.

There is also no need to backup your Xero data, as everything is held in the cloud.  So if your computer breaks, you can just access your data on another computer.

The Dashboard displays a snap shot of your financial information of transactions entered in to Xero.  It is totally customisable and can include cashflow, showing money that’s due to you and money that you owe to suppliers, you can add bank balances, specific customer accounts and specific nominal accounts, if you want to keep a watch on say, the amount of money being spent on fuel!  You can design the Dashboard, for the information you require for your business.

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